GFE companion / consummate kinkster

Experience Erin Black



If this is your first time joining me, salutations! I'm Erin Black- a kinky, nerdy, tall, plus-sized, blonde, tattooed bbw escort, companion, and mistress based in chicago. According to my analytics though, lots of you have been here before, so you already know those things about me. *wink*

I've decided that it's high time to embrace myself.

It's time to stop pretending. Not that I was acting before- no. At least not behind closed doors. That energy, vibrancy, and comfortability is all as real as real can be. 

The aires I'm speaking of are more...personal. "Shrinking violet" never described me, and my daily uniform of black affords me the ability to simultaneously blend in and stand out. I'm no longer the gal you'll find sitting at a bar by herself- unless of course, I'm enjoying a drink, meal, and book by myself. You won't catch me making eyes at you through a smoke-filled nightclub- fog machines smell weird, and since it's not 1994, no one smokes inside. You won't run into me at a street fair, and the only sweating I like to do is either at yoga, while I'm cycling, or while we're making one another's toes curl. 

My tastes have developed over the years too, and I've taken both my personal proclivities and my natural astuteness in certain areas into notable consideration. 

I am at my best when toeing the line of propriety, reveling in the unknown, and embracing the taboo.  

 Don't take my word for it, though. There's nothing I love more than bringing people over to my side- an experience based in frivolity, sparked by imagination, and garnished with sass and a smile I have a hard time holding back. 

Let's drop the pretense. 

I'm game if you are.



Whether you're familiar with my side of life or simply looking to experience something new, I'll make sure we have a killer time together.

Get ready.


I can't wait to meet you!